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Insun sports 3x mini-pot handy pack. Broad spectrum SPF30+ UVA & UVB protection – for all endurance and multi-sports. Mild fragrance. Moisturising. Contains 3 x 25g/0.87oz pots

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All products in the Indepthskincare™ range are made with the core technology: abzorba™

Product Description


InSun Sports SPF30+ sunscreen is perfectly suited for all endurance, sailing, swimming and multi-sports. The waterproof formulation won’t sweat out and doesn't sting eyes. The moisturising base contains Aloe, VitE and VitB - caring for skin all through the day and long after sun. The hypoallergenic base is kind for all skin types. Broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection.

Once applied - insun sports erodes only very slowly from skin due to the unique soy based formulation and manufacture, this ensures the SPF factor remains strong for longer. Try it and feel the difference. We outline some benefits of InSun Sports screen below.

Works Hard and Long Lasting

Insun sports sunscreen30+ keeps working hard for several hours because it is made from a waterproof formulation that does not easily wash off while swimming and will not easily rub off your skin under clothes. Insun sports sunscreen is made using indepthskincare's soy-based moisturising gel and contains Aloe, VitE and VitB - caring for your skin all day and long after sun.

Won’t sting eyes

Don't lose a moments focus - a competitive advantage can easily be spoiled by stinging eyes from sunscreen. Once you’ve tried InSun - you'll appreciate the value of a screen that won't sweat out and won't sting eyes..

Won’t sweat out

Play hard, work hard and be sure InSun sports will not sweat out and let you down - this is all due to its unique soy based trademarked abzorba formulation.

Won’t rub off

You can apply before dressing. When you go from wetsuit to track suit - InSun remains effective and provides stable SPF at all stages of the race.

Waterproof formulation - will not dissolve in water

Insun sunscreen won't wash off easily while swimming or sailing or boating so provides optimum long-lasting protection in any hot and wet situations. You can swim or sail and know when you are out on the water that InSun sports SPF remains effective.

Non Greasy once absorbs

Within minutes of application the skin will feel silky and smooth.

Won’t sting open or broken skin

When you have a graze, rash or a wound that will be exposed to the sun, you can apply InSun sunscreen directly without stinging. InSun sports is sterile by manufacture and sterile by nature, so you can happily apply to open cuts and grazes for both sun and infection protection - yes it acts as a barrier cream too.


People with sensitive skin that may otherwise react to sunscreens and other skin cosmetics can normally use InSun sports with confidence. Because it is soy based with no water and sterile by manufacture - it has an indefinite shelf life and there are no preservatives (parabens) or surfactants in the unique formulation, so way less chance of irritation on your skin.

Soothing and moisturising

Insun sports sunscreen is made using Indepthskincare's renowned 'inskin' moisturiser base - so is VERY effective at countering the drying effects of both wind and sun. And because it is long-lasting it moisturises skin all day - and long after sun. Plus if you happen to have got caught out in the sun (yesterday) with no protection, apply insun or inskin moisturiser to previously burnt or tender skin and discover its remarkable soothing and gently healing properties.



Spread evenly across any exposed skin that you wish to protect for the day. Do this before sun, in the morning is ideal before you venture outside. Don't forget to protect the younger members of your family first - you can be sure insun sports is kind to all skin types and ages. A white/pink trace will show you where you have applied the sunscreen and will disappear after a few moments.

Be Sun Smart – when possible - wear a hat, a shirt and seek shade during the hottest parts of the day. Remember, sunscreens are filters, not 100% blocks and New Zealand consumer law advises that you should reapply your sunscreen every 120 minutes. However we at indepthskincare understand the impracticality of that advice for endurance sports - so insun sports is made to stay put even in the toughest conditions like swimming, running, cricket, cycling, yachting or sweating your way from mountains to sea.



Key ingredients of InSun Sports Sunscreen are derived from stabilised forms of plant oils/extracts and vitamins. All ingredients are combined in our carefully controlled process to form a highly functional cosmetic.

The protection in InSun sports is delivered by sunscreen actives: Parsol MCX, Parsol 1789 and Escalol 587. Abzorba core technology used in InSun sports contains: Silicone, aloe extract, Soy oil, Megalan AC (lanolin derivative), IPM, Tocopherol (vitamin E), DP 75L (vitamin B5), a trace of Titanium Dioxide to assist screening of UV rays and to help you see where you apply the gel, all with a light hint of fresh coconut fragrance. All ingredients are listed as acceptably good for the world by CTFA.


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Other Details

Why InSun is different from others

There is no water in InSun sunscreens, which is a key difference to other sunscreens. It is soy based. This means it is sterile by manufacture and sterile by nature (bugs can't grow in it) so no preservatives are added, and it because the sunscreen is oil based - it doesn't dissolve in water. The core technology is known as “abzorba” this means the screen absorbs effectively and safely into the upper dermal skin layer which is in part the reason can remain SPF effective longer than regular water based screens.

Be Sun Smart

As a high performance athlete - we sometimes just can't avoid being in the sun for long periods. Wear appropriate clothing to maximise protection and use long-lasting water proof sunscreen, one that will go the distance with you. Use InSun Sports SPF 30+ sunscreen to match your performance on the track.

SPF – how this relates to you.

A fair skinned person getting out in the sun for the first time (in a while) might expect to feel the effects of burning after 10 minutes. Apply SPF30 and that provides the user with 30x their normal skin protection factor - in this case if you burn in ten minutes an SPF 30 sunscreen offers 30x10 = 300 minutes (five hours) protection.

Indepthskincare urge all our sunscreen users to take extra care in the sun and avoid exposure for long periods. Even with long lasting SPF applied - burning can still occur over time.

Sunscreens are sun FILTERS, not sun blocks.

Another way to look at SPF is to note filter effectiveness. SPF 15 infers 1/15 UVB rays penetrate our skin with filtration at about 93%. SPF 30 therefor is providing 1/30 UVB rays protection filtering out about 97% of harmful UVB. SPF 50 provides about 98% filtration. So what is SPF 100? Not much more that SPF 30 in reality - we at indepthskincare say be sun smart, and wear a sunscreen that stays in place and keeps protecting all day!

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