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Welcome to Indepthskincare

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pick up Indepthskincare™ goods somewhere?
A: No, we are only able to supply via courier services thankyou.

Q: Who can I talk to about indepthskincare™ products?
A: In special circumstances we are happy to talk directly with you by phone - use the call numbers displayed on this website. For efficient and tracked service please use the ‘CONTACT’ page on this website.

Q: What do I do if my products are damaged or missing in freight?
A: You should try to contact your delivering courier company and also report to us, we will help you to locate your order and we’ll sort out missing or damaged goods at our discretion.

Q: What if my product has an oily feel or oil separation in the tube?
A: In rare situation due to extreme heat in transit or other factors - the natural oils in the formulation may shed some oil (separate). Oil separation is nothing to be concerned about and will not effect SPF and moisturising qualities if you apply with the product gel in one application. If it remains a problem or seems excessive - we want to know - contact us and we’ll investigate and sort out a solution to ensure your satisfaction.

Q: How do I know how much a courier costs for my consignment?
A: When you proceed to ‘check-out’ in the purchase process, the website recognises the size of your order and the destination and shows you the courier/freight component and adds that to the final shipped cost of the product - which will display in checkout prior to purchase. Note that multiple pots may cost the same to ship as single pots.

Q: What does SPF mean with sunscreen?
A: SPF is a short form of 'Sun Protection Factor'. Use SPF guides with caution. A person with fair skin may show signs of pinking (burn) after only 10 minutes in full sun. If a person applies SPF 30 sunscreen that would indicate non burn time goes to 10 X 30 or 300 minutes (five hours) - so long as the sunscreen remains on skin for the entire protection period. Indepthskincare™ water free products are made to last and users will notice the protection is more effective than water based (other) products.  Use according to packaging directions and if poissible - avoid sun for long periods.

Q: Will Inskincare™ conditioner heal eczema?
A: No, it won’t treat the underlying cause of an czema skin condition, however due to being water-free and containing seven moisturising ingredients - inskincare™ is very effective at soothing the itching and irritating symptoms of dry skin and eczema.

Q: How can Inskincare™ moisturiser be effective if there’s no water in the product?
A: Water is not the moisturiser. Water exiting through the skin naturally (and especially in salt water, perspiration etc.) leaves it dry and scaly. Inskin moisturiser-conditioner allows the skin to self-moisturise from within by applying seven effective water-free moisturising ingredients which are absorbed into the uper dermal layer of skin - and it's non-comedogenic. Note that the science of skin dictates that water applied externally causes the skin to 'close up' because human skin is designed to repel water, and that’s a good thing when it comes to swimming or standing in the rain. Water-free inskincare™ products overcome this natural skin reaction to water because they are water-free and by absorbing into skin they can aid in conditioning skin from within.