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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pick up Indepthskincare goods somewhere?
A: No, we are only able to supply via courier services thank you.

Q: Can I talk to someone about my products?
A: In special circumstances we can arrange this. First though can you please make contact via the ‘CONTACT’ area of the website and we’ll take it from there.

Q: What do I do if my products are damaged in freight?
A: You should try to contact your delivering courier company first and also report to us, we will help you to replace your order and we’ll sort out the freight damage following that.

Q: What is happening if my product arrives and there is an oily feel to the packaging?
A: Due to the nature of the product and its vibrancy sometimes vegetable oil in the formulation may transfer out. This may migrate out of the container. If it does occur your product is still very effective. Wipe clean and continue to use. If it remains a problem contact us and we’ll sort out a solution with your specific case. Within a short time we will be producing all pots with seals to prevent this occurring at all in the delivery process but it still may occur occasionally after opening pack so perhaps take care where you leave the pack especially in warm places until your products ‘personality’ reveals itself.

Q: How do I know how much a courier costs for my consignment?
A: When you proceed to ‘check-out’ in the purchase process, the website recognises the size of your order and the destination and shows you the courier/freight component of your order and adds that to the cost of the product. Note that multiple pots may cost the same to ship as single pots. If you are not happy you do not have to continue. Getting multiple units may be the way to go so maybe get extra for gifts or orders from people who you know.

Q: What does SPF mean with sunscreen?
A: SPF is a way of saying: Sun Protection Factor. Use it with caution. A person with fair skin may well have non burn time in the sun of around 10 minutes. If a person applies SPF 20 sunscreen that would indicate non burn time goes to 10 X 20 = 200 minutes with an effective screen. You will need to ensure your screen does indeed remain effective at SPF 20 for the whole 200 minutes or this does not apply. For example screens that wash off, rub off or sweat off may only be effective to the SPF rating on the container immediately after the time of application. This is why (we believe) the vast majority of water based sunscreen manufacturers (and seemingly as a result the sunscreen standards) say re-apply often and if they say that with the one you are using, we recommend you do.

Q: Do you think Inskin skin conditioner will fix my eczema?
A: No, it won’t treat the cause of the skin condition. It will help to sooth the skin, soften and so moisten and help the skin to look and feel normal.

Q: How can there be an Inskin moisturiser if there’s no water in the product?
A: Water is not the moisturiser. Water exiting through the skin naturally (and especially in salt water, perspiration etc.) leaves it dry and scaly. Inskin moisturiser actually conditions the skin so it retains body moisture, and rather than moisturising by claiming to add water, allows the skin to self-moisturise from within. In fact water applied externally to the skin causes the skin to close up as the skin repels water, and that’s a good thing when it comes to rain and swimming and things. Abzorba based products absorb so they can condition the skin allowing it to moisturise from within. Water based products cannot.

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