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Breakthrough Technology

The SOY Based Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen that does not contain water, so does not require preservatives. InSunCare protects from sun, and moisturises your skin, acts as a barrier, protecting from the drying effects of dust & wind - all day.

And you can apply with confidence to cuts, grazes and sensitive skin, as it will not sting and will not sweat out - even in the hottest conditions. Demand the best protection for the job - demand insuncare SPF30+ sunscreen.

A sunscreen designed to stay put - so you can get on with the job in hand.

  • Waterproof formulation - won't sweat out.

  • Unique formulation - Soy Based - feels silky to apply and is effective.

  • Does not contain water, Preservatives or Surfactants - no skin irritants.

  • Stays Put. Won't run into your eyes. Remains effective for longer.

  • Moisturising Sun Protection - Broad Spectrum SPF30 - it's all you need.

  • Hypoallergenic - contains Vit A, B and Aloe. Skin Friendly.

  • Apply directly to cuts, grazes or sensitive skin. Won't sting - aids healing.

  • Perfect for Face, Neck, Hands or wherever you want real protection.

  • Barrier- offers excellent skin protection on the job.

  • SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum & SPF30+ after 90 minutes water immersion*

Insuncare was created New Zealand Blue Water Sailor, Graeme Robertson - who wanted a sunscreen that does not need to be constantly reapplied whilst at sea and in other trying conditions.


*SPF Tested by AMA Laboratories - New York 2015. Skin Sensitivity tests concluded nil reaction among human participants. New Zealand Sunscreen Guidelines state that you should reapply sunscreen every 120 minutes - we say: "you be the judge" - this stuff works hard and has the endorsement of many outdoor active users over 20 years. Use common sense when enjoying the sunshine - wear suitable protective clothing for long hours in the sun.

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