Written from a “lay person” stand point as opposed to a scientific stand point. We say that hypo-allergenic is another way of saying “skin friendly” or kind on all skin types. This of course is of most interest to people who have skin that is sensitive or allergic to cosmetics, creams or other topically applied products such as sunscreens, moisturisers or other skincare products. So using the term ‘hypo-allergenic’ is really a signal that you could try Indepth skin care products with reasonable confidence that your skin will not show any adverse reaction or reddening.

The Indepthskincare range of products are a good example of hypoallergenic. They are all made with unique manufacturing technology known as 'Abzorba' and clinical testing shows out of 50 subjects who had prolonged repeat application there was ZERO allergy reaction to the indepth range of products (including Sunscreens). In particular, because indepth does not use any water in the manufacturing process, the product is sterile so no preservatives are added - indeed no preservatives are needed.

As we all aware - preservatives are often the root of skin irritation (reaction) and the problem with water based cosmetis, moisturisers and sunscreens is they do require the addition of preservatives. Not so in indepthskincare products.

Another irritating factor in water based cosmetics and sunscreens is they require the addition of ‘special chemical glues’ called 'surfactants' to bind everything together. In market evidence points to surfactants being another source of irritation in many skin types. Indepthskincare moisturisers and sunscreens unique base organogel - does not require the addition of surfactants.