The team at Indepth would like to point out that no one should expose skin to the sun all day and then expect to not feel its effects.

Remember that sunscreens are designed to filter the sun's rays, not completely block them. The best sun protection is complete shade and in-between - wear a good shirt or sports/water vest. The key message is to; limit exposure to sun and use sunscreen on skin for the time the relevant skin is exposed. Let’s say you have fair skin and you burn in 10 minutes, which is fairly common. Apply SPF 30 sunscreen that remains at that level in a sustained effective way (long lasting) you get 10 X 30 = 300 minutes or 5 hours protection. That’s actually a lot of exposure time to sunlight rays and we would recommend you try and limit that. The Insun sunscreen is an example of a screen that can be applied in the morning to self or kids, and applied properly we think that it will remain effective on the skin until time of and up to calculated time of exposure.

But the messages remain the same:

• Slip - Wear clothes to cover up when can do

• Slop - use a good effective sunscreen

• Slap - wear a hat

• Avoid sun exposure in the harsher middle of the day (seek shade if possible)