We know that surfers and those who are heavily involved in water sports are one of the biggest users of sunscreen. We also know that four common sunscreen ingredients, oxybenzone, Butylparaben, octinoxate and 4-methylbenzylidine camphor are understood to cause damage to the marine environment, even at low levels.

Fortunately indepthskincare sunscreen products do not use any of those damaging ingredients.

This is good news for users of our product, as the risk of coral bleaching from these unnatural ingredients occurs whenever they enter the water. We call this ‘swimmer pollution’, and it’s a real threat.

An elusive form of pollution to the eye, this happens through sunscreen wash-off and is noticeable only through the oily, iridescent trails often left by mass-swimming in common areas. Its often our most stunning and therefore popular reefs are at threat, as its these reefs that are most visited and therefore encounter a higher concentration of the product.

At Indepthskincare, we believe conscious consumers are the future, and created our product using soy and aloe which is not only skin-friendly, but coral reef friendly too. All ingredients are listed as acceptably good for the world by CTFA. Our sunscreen stays put and doesn’t wash off with water, therefore, reducing run-off into the environment.

We want to ensure that our surfers, swimmers and those that love the ocean feel good, knowing they are protected from the harsh sun. And that they have the power to do their bit to protect their favourite environment for future generations.

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image source:www.gbrmpa.gov.au