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The principal aim of the Russell Coutts Sailing Foundation is to introduce participants to the joys of sailing and to help each sailor grow in character and personal confidence.

The foundation's various programmes incorporate coaching higher performance sailing and racing skills. Also, non-competitive fun and social events, both on and off the water, for young sailors and their families. All ages are encouraged to go sailing here.

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Firstly we wish to be clear that indepthskincare™ products only DO NOT contain any of the banned chemical sunblocks and only contains acceptable environmentally responsible and highly effective ingredients.

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We know that surfers and those who are heavily involved in water sports are one of the biggest users of sunscreen. We also know that four common sunscreen ingredients, oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate and 4-methylbenzylidine camphor are understood to cause damage to the marine environment, even at low levels. Fortunately indepthskincare sunscreen products do not use any of those damaging ingredients.

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indepthskincare™ ingredients are listed to show near as possible scientific identifications - but what do all these scientific names mean to you as a consumer?

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managing eczema

10 July 2016

There are many articles online written by many professionals in many associations and organisations worldwide to assist with managing eczema (and managing dermatitis).

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Hypoallergenic is another way of saying “skin friendly” or “kind to all skin types”. This of course is of most interest to people who have skin that is sensitive or allergic to cosmetics, creams or other topically applied products such as sunscreens, moisturisers or other skincare products.

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