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Skin Conditioner SPF 15

NET 100gm / 3.5oz

Inskin conditioner will calm, soothe and moisturise itchy skin as part of treating eczema. Inskin can be applied with confidence to hands, face and personal body areas. Inskin works by moisturising and normalising skin and providing an occlusive environment that enhances healing. Also used for other forms of dermatitis, cracked heals, chafing, mild burns and skin irritation.

Apply to wet or dry skin. Hypo-allergenic, mild fragrance, long lasting all day care

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All products in the Indepthskincare™ range are made with the core technology: abzorba™

Product Description


Managing eczema and managing dermatitis generally involves a regime of activity customised for the individual who is the sufferer. All suggested regimes for treating eczema have a moisturiser in the mix, treating dry irritated skin, soothing that itchy skin. The journey includes finding the product that the eczema sufferer will tolerate and will actually use. That product is very likely skin conditioner from Inskin.

Inskin is a great eczema cream, and it is an effective sunscreen as well.

However these words alone are not helping you. Only trial will prove how this unique product fulfils the promise we make for you or your children, the sufferer.

Inskin™ skin conditioner spreads easily

The SPF protection is added to increase protection when out in the sun

Inskin conditioner is sterile by nature of its formulation and manufacture. It’s very hypo-allergenic and skin friendly. The unique, calming formula is developed to not sting on application to even the most sensitive skin conditions, and the sterile nature of inskin protects and aids the skin to use its natural abilities to heal.

This product has 3 effective sunscreen actives included so that skin will be protected from the sun during exposure, avoiding any unnecessary irritation or sun inflicted eczema.

Conditions all day

Once applied Inskin™ erodes only very slowly from the skin and the result is that conditioning and moisturising continues effectively all day.

Soothing and moisturising

Inskin™ soothes and moisturises itchy skin and irritated skin. It greatly assists the skin to soften and return to “normal”. As part of your managing eczema the use of Inskin™ cannot treat the root cause of your problem skin even if you can identify what that might be. But it can help create the ideal occlusive environment when applied to problem skin for natural healing to take place. All the while helping the sufferer to look better, feel better and we think, get better.

InSkin is Hypo-allergenic

If you have sensitive skin and find you react negatively to cosmetics that you apply - we believe there’s a good chance the reaction is often due to irritants such as preservatives in the cream. There are NO preservatives in InSkin as it is sterile by nature and sterile by manufacture. There are also NO nasty surfactants (thickeners) in inskin products. This results in a very skin friendly, hypo-allergenic cream that soothes and feels good on irritated skin.

Won’t sting broken or open skin areas

Soothing and “calming” in problem areas means InSkin can be applied to open or broken skin that is often associated with many problem conditions described above.



Apply onto problem areas, perhaps twice a day to begin but daily is normal. Can be applied to face and hands and personal body areas with confidence that it will not sting. No problem to apply to wet, dry, open or broken skin. You can apply before showering for increased protection in water sensitive conditions. After shower you will feel the difference with unique calming and moisturising of the skin.



Core ingredients are derived from stabilised forms of minerals, plant oils/extracts and vitamins E, B and Aloe.

Ingredients: Silicone, Isopropyl Myristate, Coconut Oil, Megalan AC (lanolin derivative), Soy Oil, Aloe extract (Biovera Oil), Talcum, DL-Alpha-tocopherol Acetate (Vit E), D-panthenol (Vit B5), mild fragrance.

Suncreen Actives: Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate, Avobenzene.

No water – No preservatives


Helps my psoriasisReview by Neil
I know my psoriasis is primarily caused by eating soy, but there are so many foods containing soy that I sometimes just cannot resist. I've found this conditioner to give great relief whilst I wait for the psoriasis to clear up again. (Posted on 5/07/2015)
great stuffReview by Grae
I often suffer from itchy dry skin - especially when I travel overseas flying at high altitudes.
Frankly Inskin skin conditioner is a gift from God for me. I actually use it on my skin "before I shower" and the results are amazing, soft smooth and very moisturized skin lasting for several days - no more itchiness !!

Cracked heels is another use for this "must have product" - brilliant is the only way to describe it !! (Posted on 3/07/2015)
Get rid of scaly skinReview by Pinet
In winter because of the heat I get very scaly skin on my arms and legs. At the beginning I din't see much difference but after a few days, coming out of the shower I realized that my skin was much softer and supple. And even if you don't apply it everyday your skin still feels the benefits. It works! (Posted on 27/06/2015)

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